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This website has been requested by & for the relatives, survivors and rescuers in order to provide vital information about the Granville Train Disaster. It has also been developed for the  purpose of reuniting those wishing to make contact with others. In March 2011 the necessity for a book to be written for the 35th Anniversary. Stories were compiled and the book, '35 Years of Memories' was put together and self-published by Barry Gobbe OAM. The book was financed by the survivors and rescuers. The aim was to record the important, but a sad part of Australia's history for current and future generations. A second book was released in 2015, 'Revisiting the Granville Train Disaster of 1977', this included more stories and information which became available after exhaustive research and being joined by technical adviser Vaughan Williamson. This book has given a voice to the families, survivors and rescuers who tell their stories of the 18th January 1977 and the days, months and years that followed. These are stories which deserve to be told and Australians are richer for hearing them. The accounts are a powerful tribute to the bravery and selfless deeds of the rescuers and others in the face of unimaginable trauma. They are also a testament to the courage and resilience of the Australian spirit in overcoming adversity. Many copies of the book have been donated to schools, institutions and libraries throughout Australia. No profit has been gained from either book, however, we were delighted when Graham McNiece Productions decided to make the first ever documentary called 'The Train' once he read '35 Years of Memories'. The DVD stays clear of politics, unlike the latest book editions, as now the book re-examines the factual data which even after 34 years had never been questioned. Leading up to 45 years, more stories have been added. The book examines why the words 'cover-up' and questions the coronial findings with factual data never released. A new light now shines on the findings and cover-ups in 2021, as eighteen months after Granville the Luna Park tragedy involves a cover-up with the same political & government figures involved. History also records another cover-up, by key figures involved. Subsequently the downfall & incarceration of Murray Farquhar QC eventuated. As the Luna Park tragedy is leading towards a Royal Commission, maybe someone may step back and actualise the factual similarity involving the same players who seemed to be untouchable as they perverted the course of justice in the above matters. One now wonders, how many more incidents involved these figure heads in rulings where they perverted the course of justice.    

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